‘Haunted Lagoon’ returns on October 5

New story line takes canoe voyagers into the Dreams and Nightmares of the Laie Lady

The newest chapter in the mystery of the Laie Lady unfolds at this year’s Haunted Lagoon experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Haunted Lagoon: Dreams and Nightmares. Beginning October 5, 2012 brave adventurers are welcome to board canoes for a journey through the Laie Lady’s mind, witnessing her fanciful dreams and nightmarish visions.

Renowned as Hawaii’s top haunted attraction and the only haunted canoe ride in the world, Haunted Lagoon: Dreams and Nightmares is a full-scale production featuring fearsome characters, movie-quality costuming, state-of-the-art special effects, animatronics and more. Guests cast off on double-hulled canoes and travel through the dark waters of the PCC’s twisting lagoon as they navigate the conflicted labyrinth of the Laie Lady’s mind. Canoes run from 6:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from October 5-22, and Mondays through Saturdays from October 22-31.

“The Laie Lady has been a popular character of our Haunted Lagoon experience, which is why we are introducing a new story line this year that takes guests into her mind. No one knows what revelations will be made and what secrets will be uncovered,” said Raymond Magalei, PCC’s Director of Marketing. “However, I will reveal this…the Laie Lady’s loss of her husband and son has plunged her into a life of isolation and has driven her mad. Her intentions are a mystery. Some say she is a lonely, broken mother trying to find her lost son, others have claimed she has a more sinister agenda. We welcome our guests to make their own interpretations.”

This year’s experience revolves around the story of the Laie Lady, once known as the beautiful Nalani, who fell into insanity following the tragic loss of her husband and son. Today, she is often seen at night wandering the banks of the PCC’s lagoon as her fragmented mind wrestles between dreams and nightmares as she battles with her troubled past.

To experience this year’s Haunted Lagoon, voyagers are strongly advised to act quickly and book tickets in advance, as seats are limited and often sell out. General tickets are $19.50 per adult and $14.50 for children. Kamaaina Annual Pass holders may ride free on weekdays and for a discounted rate on Saturdays. Guests can also purchase tickets to a Fast Pass line for a shorter wait. Available from Oct. 5 to Oct. 13, students can take advantage of the Student Special, which is $5 off a ticket when they show a valid student ID. The PCC also offers milder “keiki canoes” from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. for family members of all ages.

For more information, ticket availability or reservations, visit www.HauntedLagoon.com or call the PCC ticket office toll-free at (800) 367-7060. On Oahu, call (808) 293-3333.

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