PCC unveils new immersive experience

PCC, community also celebrate opening of newly renovated Hawaii Village


Hawaiian Journey, the Polynesian Cultural Center’s all-new immersive cinematic experience, premiered to hundreds of eager community members at its grand opening this evening. Replacing the former Hukilau Theater feature, Hawaiian Journey brings to life the story of the people of Hawaii’s connection to the land and their ancestors.

With an exterior depicting a dormant volcano, Hawaiian Journey is a 13-minute experience, projected on one of the largest screens in the state. The journey transports guests into the gorgeous imagery on screen as they experience crashing waves, mystic valleys and powerful eruptions through interactive special effects that engage their senses.

inside_journey_theater“This new experience will take guests on a journey unlike anything offered in the Hawaiian Islands,” said Alfred Grace, President and CEO of the PCC. “Hawaiian Journey is a part of our five-year revitalization plan that began in 2011 and includes the Hawaii Village, which also opened this evening, the introduction of Go Native! hands-on activities, the renovation of Gateway restaurant in 2012 and the market place expansion currently underway.”

The grand opening of the PCC’s newly renovated Hawaii Village featured a welcoming ceremony from all cultures represented at the PCC. The village redesign is reflective of an ahupua’a – a land division used by ancient Hawaiians, usually extending from the uplands to the sea – and includes new activities, architecture, exhibits and an expanded footprint. Two vital elements of Hawaiian life, lo’i kalo (irrigated terrace used to grow taro) and a loko i’a (fish pond), have also been included.

hwn_village_hula032913The event concluded with a concert by local favorite Mana’o Company.

Both Hawaiian Journey and the Hawaii Village are included with general admission or any package that includes daytime activities. For more information or to make reservations visit Polynesia.com, or call the PCC ticket office at (800) 367-7060. On Oahu, call 293-3333.

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