PCC announces $15 kamaaina special

Tongan_drummingTry your hand at Tongan drumming

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is revving up for summer by saying “mahalo” to kamaaina with a $15 admission special, more than half the normal cost of admission for Hawaii residents. The $15 kamaaina special, available now for a limited time, includes the recently launched immersive cinematic experience, Hawaiian Journey, and a full day of activities exploring the island villages.

“The Polynesian Cultural Center’s 50th anniversary this year welcomes a revitalized experience for our guests, particularly our new Hawaiian Journey Theater and our recently renovated Hawaii Village,” said Raymond Magalei, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We look forward to sharing these new enhancements with our kamaaina and invite all residents, from keiki to kupuna, to a cultural and immersive experience found nowhere else in Hawaii.”

Guests can begin their day at PCC by embarking on Hawaiian Journey, a 12-minute cinematic extravaganza narrated by Al Harrington that brings to life the story of the people of Hawaii’s connection to the land and their ancestors. Housed in a “volcano” and projected on one of the largest screens in the state, Hawaiian Journey transports guests into gorgeous imagery of Hawaii, most of which is only accessible from the air, as the power of the “volcano” is made real through the amazing sound system and chairs that shake, mists from a roaring waterfall land gently on your face and sweet floral scents waft through the theater.

A day filled with activities continues on as guests enjoy a canoe ride and activities during visits to the villages and exhibits represented at PCC, including the recently renovated Hawaii Village. The village’s redesign is reflective of an ahupuaa – a land division used by ancient Hawaiians, usually extending from the uplands to the sea – and includes new activities, architecture and exhibits.

The Hale Alii (chief’s house) overlooks the ahupuaa, which cascades down a gentle slope towards the PCC’s lagoon. Two vital elements of Hawaiian life, lo’i kalo (an irrigated terrace used to grow taro) and a loko i’a (fish pond), have also been included. A stream originating from a waterfall near the Hale Alii flows into several lo’i. Renovations have allowed for more space to play the traditional games of Hawaii including ulu maika (similar to lawn bowling) and konane (Hawaiian checkers), among others.

Recently introduced Go Native! activities at all of the villages allow guests to learn about the Polynesian cultures through hands-on, interactive games and activities. Guests can learn to climb up a coconut tree, throw a wooden spear, paddle a canoe or cook like a Polynesian.

For kamaaina who want to stay and enjoy dinner and the evening show, the PCC is also offering local residents a $25 Dinner & Show Special that includes the Island Buffet and admission to the popular Ha: Breath of Life evening show. The Island Buffet includes a wide variety of Hawaiian, Asian and local favorites including sweet and sour pork, baked chicken with gravy, and fresh mahi mahi.

Kamaaina guests are able to enjoy both the $15 admission and $25 Dinner & Show specials or a limited time only with proof of Hawai’i residency. The PCC is open Monday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays. For more information or to make reservations visit Polynesia.com, or call the PCC ticket office at (800) 367-7060. On Oahu, call 293-3333.


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