‘Talofa’ to the new Island Luau

PCC Welcomes All to its Family-Style Outdoor Samoan Luau: New luau offer also includes admission to villages, hands-on activities, the new Hawaiian Journey Theater experience and reserved seating at Ha: Breath of Life evening show.

The Polynesian Cultural Center announces its Island Luau, a brand new dining experience centered around the Samoan culture, debuting May 20.

samoa_luau_site4-13Workers prepare the site of the new Island Luau in the Samoan Village

Kap_to_hostLocated in the outdoor setting of the Samoan Village, the Island Luau is hosted by “Senior Ambassador” Kap Te’o-Tafiti (pictured at left), recognized by many guests for his humorous dialogue and audience interaction. The interactive luau will have guests participating in fun activities like basket and coconut-plate weaving and coconut shell dancing. Entertainment will also feature keiki fireknife dancers as well as songs and dances dedicated to the coconut tree, an important icon in Samoan culture.

“We are pleased to offer an affordable luau experience that includes a wide variety of activities and experiences the whole family can enjoy,” said Alfred Grace, President & CEO of the PCC. “Our Island Luau offers guests the opportunity to learn about several Polynesian cultures, particularly the Samoan and Hawaiian cultures, in a more personalized setting where everyone is encouraged to kick back, relax and enjoy our luau food, entertainment and activities.”

Presided over by the Samoan chief’s court, guests are welcomed to the Island Luau with a shell lei greeting and are able to enjoy Samoan versions of popular luau songs, such as the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and Samoan dishes coupled with popular Hawaiian luau foods, including a roasted pig.

The Island Luau runs Mondays – Saturdays from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in the Samoan Village. Introductory promotional prices start at $74.95 for adults and $57.95 for children ages 5-11. Kamaaina can enjoy this experience for 20 percent off the promotional price, or $59.96 for adults and $46.36 for children ages 5-11.

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